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 Janine Heimberger is the owner and principal artist of Still Waters Studio, LLC and a native of Florida’s Space Coast.  Having never lived far from the sea, her love of nature, the ocean and marine life is reflected in much of her work.

She was raised by an artistic mother who instilled an appreciation for “the unconventional path” and beauty in her surroundings. Consequently, Janine has been creating art since a very young age.

She chose advertising, specializing in illustration when attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. After ten years in the business and running her own small shop, she transitioned into the Decorative Arts after being fascinated with Trompe l’oeil during a trip to Europe.

For the last twenty years she has enjoyed the freedom and constant inspiration of working with homeowners, business owners and designers to create spaces that are compelling, vibrant and beautiful.